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This website ("the site") is to be accessed and utilized in accordance with the herein-stated terms and conditions, thereby imposing a binding obligation upon the user to adhere to these terms and conditions. For the purposes of this document, the terms "we" and "Cable Connection" refer to Cable Connection South Africa.


Unless context suggests otherwise, Cable Connection is the possessor or licensee of all intellectual property rights pertaining to the marks, images, logos, designs, and materials presented on the site. No inference shall be drawn from the contents of the site that confers, either implicitly or explicitly, any license or entitlement to employ, replicate, distribute, exhibit, reproduce, or transmit the marks, images, logos, designs, or materials showcased on the site without the antecedent written consent of Cable Connection, at its complete and exclusive discretion.


The site may not be linked to any other website or webpage without the antecedent written authorization of Cable Connection, at its singular and absolute discretion. The site may include links to websites not operated by Cable Connection, and the content of such external websites is beyond the control of Cable Connection, which disclaims any responsibility for said content. In providing such links, Cable Connection does not signify an endorsement of any products, services, or content found on those external websites.


Cable Connection does not warrant that files available for download through the site will be devoid of viruses or other potentially destructive codes. Each visitor to the site assumes responsibility for implementing adequate protective measures against any detrimental consequences that may arise from accessing the site.


Users utilize the site "as is," and Cable Connection extends no warranties and makes no representations regarding any facet of the site, encompassing but not limited to the site's functionality, content, information accuracy, or the goods and services advertised or referenced on the site. To the extent permitted by law, neither Cable Connection nor any of its affiliates shall be held liable for any damages, losses, or liabilities of any nature stemming from the use or inability to use the site or the services or content derived from or through this site. The information, opinions, and the like expressed on this site do not constitute professional advice and do not necessarily reflect the official stance of Cable Connection.


The operation of the site is subject to and governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

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