Solar Cable H1Z2Z2-K Black

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This cable is designed for interconnecting various elements within photovoltaic systems. It is suitable for fixed installation both outdoors and indoors without additional protection, or within pipes, ducts, or similar enclosed systems. It can be directly or indirectly buried and used in environments prone to partial or total water submersion. The cable exhibits high resistance to ozone, UV rays, oils, moisture, and varying weather conditions. With a permissible ambient temperature of up to 90°C (with a 120°C overload capacity), it utilizes materials with a temperature index of 120°C, determined according to Norm IEC 60216 (20,000 hours and 50% residual elongation). These cables are estimated to have a minimum lifespan of 25 years.

Technical Data

Max Diam.
of wiring
(mm2) (mm) (mm) (kg/km)
4 0.31 5.5 62
6 0.31 6.3 85
10 0.41 7.5 135