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Cable Properties

Fire Retardant

Rodent Repellant

Ozone Resistant

UV Resistant

Water Resistant


A robust and abrasion resistant cable suitable for extensive exposure to direct sunlight and outdoor weather conditions. The cable is suitable for both fixed and mobile installations and has a UV and Ozone protected outer sheath purposefully designed to last for more than 25 years in Photo-voltaic applications. The cable is locally manufactured for African conditions and contains a rodent repellent additive.

  • Cores(s) : Dual extruded sheath and tinned class 5 copper according to SANS 1411-1.
  • Temperature Range : -15ºC to 105ºC, max conductor temperature.
  • Short Circuit Temperature : 160ºC for 1 second as per SANS 10142.
  • Nominal Voltage : 1100 volts AC and 1600 colts DC.
  • Minimum bending radius : 4.5 times the cables diameter.
  • Outdoor protection : Water resistant, flame retadent, UV resistant, ozone resistant and rodent repellent.
  • Safety protection : Flame retardant (self extinguishing), low halogen and low smoke.
  • Core Information : Available in black and red single core.

SPECIFICATION NAME: In accordance with SANS 1507 and 1574

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Technical Data

Product Code Size mm² No. of Cores Approx O/D Approx Mass Kg/100m Nominal Current Amps
SCM0025X1 2.5mm 1 6.00mm 5.60 Kg 32 Amps
SCM0040X1 4mm 1 6.48mm 8.89 Kg 42 Amps
SCM0060X1 6mm 1 7.30mm 11.53 Kg 54 Amps
SCM0100X1 10mm 1 8.30mm 15.44 Kg 75 Amps
SCM0160X1 16mm 1 9.30mm 23.17 Kg 100 Amps
SCM0250X1 25mm 1 10.68mm 32.91 Kg 127 Amps
SCM0350X1 35mm 1 11.44mm 50.60 Kg 158 Amps
SCM0500X1 50mm 1 16.50mm 65.43 Kg 192 Amps
SCM0700X1 70mm 1 13.25mm 90.00 Kg 246 Amps
SCM0950X1 95mm 1 17.00mm 124.03 Kg 298 Amps
SCM1200X1 120mm 1 18.34mm 176.03 Kg 346 Amps
SCM1500X1 150mm 1 22.70mm 224.90 Kg 399 Amps
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