Cable drum sizes

Cable drums come in a variety of sizes and weights and can be constructed using a variety of materials. Wood, plywood, plastic or metal. What they are constructed out of largly depends on the kind of cable they carry and whether or not they are returnable. Because South Africa manufactures as well as imports cable you will find both local and international cable drums in use. Here is a table of the most common sizes.

Flange Diameter Inner Width Flange Thickness Barrel Diameter Drum Weight
700mm 550mm 36mm 349mm 22 kg
800mm 550mm 36mm 374mm 26kg
900mm 550mm 36mm 474mm 35kg
1000mm 600mm 48mm 500mm 48kg
1150mm 600mm 48mm 557mm 61kg
1300mm 800mm 48mm 700mm 85kg
1500mm 800mm 48mm 750mm 105kg
1600mm 900mm 61mm 910mm 185kg
1664mm 968mm 61mm 890mm 170kg
2050mm 1170mm 76mm 1235mm 480kg

Please note, sizes and weights are provided as guidelines only. Should you require specific information regarding the drums (if any) that your cable will be delivered with, that this can only be provided to you on request when quoting.

Diagram Key

A) Flange Diameter
B) Inner Width
C) Flange Thickness
E) Drum/Core/Barrel Diameter
F) Outer Width

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