Why is Cable Connection Your Best Source For Cables?

Save time and money when you use Cable Connection.  We cut out the middle man. Getting you access to both the stock and the best prices directly from the manufacturer. No more running around to find stock of the cable you need. Send us an enquiry and we'll find it for you. Get the best price and stock availability straight to your inbox.

Who Are Cable Connection?

www.cableconnection.co.za belongs to Limenco Design. Limenco Design is a company that provides Website, Graphics, and Marketing services to the global market. Their speciality is building websites that rank on Google.

How Does Cable Connection Work?

Cable Connection has partnered with an authorized Agent for 5 of South Africa's top cable manufacturers. All cable enquiries received through the Cable Connection website are attended to by the Agent.

Does Cable Connection have an online purchasing facility?

No. Cable pricing can vary greatly as do stocks. Our agent sources cable stock from 5 different manufacturers. Ensuring you get the best price every time you make an inquiry.

Does Buying through Cable Connection cost more?

No. The prices you get from the Cable Connection agent are the same or less than you would get directly from the manufacturer.

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